I’m always rather terrible at this sort of thing.

Well… I guess this is it. This is the beginning. As a favorite vlogger of mine was saying just earlier today about beginnings and endings and worlds, I suppose this is the beginning of another sort of world. A new step I’m taking, hopefully in the right direction, to start off my writing. I have always fallen short when it comes to actually… keeping up with things, and so with this blog, this beautiful and crisp and new corner of the internet. I’ll try to keep up with it.

Posted on this blog will be short stories – some one shots, while others will be a series, posted on assigned dates depending on the story. Some will be bi-weekly, some weekly, monthly, and so on. I’m not sure how many short stories I’ll have going on at once, but, I’ll try to keep it limited to a number where I won’t feel overwhelmed… while also not feeling underwhelmed. I have a lot of stories dancing in my head and a lot of them want to come out right now and just won’t even consider waiting to be turned into a novel.  And that’s what this non-significant corner of the immaterial world will be for. So, if you’ve stumbled upon it, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay and I hope you enjoy what you read – that is the point of it, after all.