the way things change

Due to some recent change that decided to nose their way into my life just as I was beginning to instigate some order ’round these parts (see: weekly posting of short stories), I’ve had to do some thinking. Thinking isn’t a bad thing. I do a lot of it. I love thinking. Thinking and I, we go way back. Thinking and I have been doing some work and discussing some things and just wanted to have a little bit of a heart to heart with you, the blog, so you know where I’m at right now. Thinking thought it would be a good idea.

So, as we know I work at a vet clinic, and recently there has been some…upheaval. In the way that may or may not be beneficial to me. We’ll see. What this means for you, little blog, is that I am going to be changing the days I post because my entire life has been faceted around the days I work at the clinic and so I must now re-tailor things to fit in a more appropriate manner. I will be working Tuesday through Friday, and boy, am I excited to have Sunday’s off. It feels like a little miracle if I’m honest. I’m excited. I’ll be working different hours – getting up earlier, getting home earlier – and I am very much hoping that that will mean that I have more time to dedicate to truly getting work done. I may have to become slightly more dependent on coffee throughout the day…but even if that’s the case it’ll be worth it. I’d like to have more time to work on my writing and I think the only way I’ll be able to do that – and part of the reason I am so excited about my schedule change – is making sure I’m able to force myself into a rhythm and force myself back into writing every single day. I did so well around this time last year, when I managed to finish two manuscripts in two months…and then I just fell of the wagon completely.

Well, wagon, meet my ass. We will be back on you by the END of September.

In other words, Auberon’s next posting will be sometime NEXT week, after the 30th. I am not sure when. Unfortunately due to my insane work schedule (working almost 8 days in a row in order to transition) I won’t have a ton of time to get settled until next week at the earliest. I’ll be writing when I can, but I won’t be able to do proper editing (lol) of the chapter before next week. That’s okay though, it’ll give me a little bit more time to work on some things – like the “covers” etc which I immediately fell behind on. I got a little bit overly excited…I’m hoping I can get ahead of the game in September so I don’t feel so behind and all over the place.

We’ll see how that goes.

I honestly think that’s all I wanted to touch on today, although I’ve wanted to write a really thorough post on a few different things lately…so maybe I’ll do that a little bit later and see if we can get any more active posts up while we’re waiting to post Auberon. That sounds like a good enough idea to me.

Muchly. ❤

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